Domenico Di Sante

University of Bologna


Office C004

Viale C. Berti Pichat 6/2

40127 Bologna, Italy

I am an Assiciate Professor at the University of Bologna. I earned a B.S. in physics at the University of L’Aquila in 2011 and a Ph.D. in physics in 2015. I subsequently was a postdoctoral fellow and young group leader at the Physics Department of the University of Würzburg (2016-2020), and a Marie Curie Research Fellow at the Center for Computational Quantum Physics of the Flatiron Institute in New York (2021-2023).

My research is focused on the numerical quantum simulations of the electronic properties of interacting material systems, with emphasis on topology and spin-orbit driven phenomena. I was the principal investigator of an individual Marie Curie fellowship which aims at using machine learning applications in condensed matter problems.

selected publications

  1. Flat band separation and robust spin Berry curvature in bilayer kagome metals
    Domenico Di Sante, Chiara Bigi, Philipp Eck, and 16 more authors
    Nature Physics Aug 2023
  2. Observation of room temperature excitons in an atomically thin topological insulator
    Marcin Syperek, Raul Stuehler, Armando Consiglio, and 10 more authors
    Nature Communications Oct 2022
  3. Deep Learning the Functional Renormalization Group
    Domenico Di Sante, Matija Medvidović, Alessandro Toschi, and 4 more authors
    Physical Review Letters Sep 2022
  4. Twofold van Hove singularity and origin of charge order in topological kagome superconductor CsV3Sb5
    Mingu Kang, Shiang Fang, Jeong-Kyu Kim, and 14 more authors
    Nature Physics Mar 2022
  5. Triplet Superconductivity from Nonlocal Coulomb Repulsion in an Atomic Sn Layer Deposited onto a Si(111) Substrate
    Sebastian Wolf, Domenico Di Sante, Tilman Schwemmer, and 2 more authors
    Physical Review Letters Apr 2022
  6. Nature of Unconventional Pairing in the Kagome Superconductors AV3Sb5 (A = K;Rb;Cs)
    Xianxin Wu, Tilman Schwemmer, Tobias Müller, and 10 more authors
    Physical Review Letters Oct 2021
  7. Turbulent hydrodynamics in strongly correlated Kagome metals
    Domenico Di Sante, Johanna Erdmenger, Martin Greiter, and 6 more authors
    Nature Communications Aug 2020